On this page you can find Frequently Asked Questions about the service SURFfilesender. Is your question not among these FAQ? Ask the IT-helpdesk of your institution.

Can I use SURFfilesender?
What is the maximum file size per upload in SURFfilesender?
Can I use SURFfilesender to exchange files with people who have no SURFfilesender subscription?
How can I use encryption to make my data extra secure?
Do I need a special browser to download files?
What should I do if I have a problem logging in?
I interrupted the uploading of a file. Do I have to start over again?
How can I see if my file has uploaded successfully?
I made a few last-minute changes to my document. Can I immediately resend it again?
I accidentally sent a file to the wrong email address. Can I block the downloadlink?


Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data within SURFfilesender?
Which personal data does SURFfilesender process?
How long do you store my personal data?
Who has access to my personal data?
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